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Relocation Tips For Homebuyers

Updated: May 9

You've read why you should relocate to Texas, you've hired a realtor who has found you your dream home, you've had your seamless closing, and now you are officially ready to be a Texan. So what should you do next? No worries. Follow these tips to help you with the relocation process and you will be settling into your new home and surroundings in no time.

family running up the stairs as the move into their new home

Before The Big Move:

  • Set aside money for moving expenses

  • Downsize your belongings so you only need to move what you really need

  • Research movers who are experienced with the out of state moving process

  • Get familiar with the cost of living and adjust your budget accordingly

  • If you have pets be prepared to make arrangements so they are not stressed

  • Decide if you want to have a home warranty so it is put into place when you move in

  • Get familiar to the location of grocery stores, hardware stores, home good stores, self storage etc. as you will most likely need them once you arrive

After The Big Move:

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors and let them know you are new to the area

  • If you have children, make an appointment to meet their local school representatives

  • Process your change of address with the U.S. Post Office

  • Update your info with utility service providers, bank institutions, DMV, etc.

  • Get familiar with new state laws, rules and ordinances

  • Pre-route your daily work and school commute times on Google so you are prepared

  • If you have pets, be sure to research and locate a new veterinarian

  • Register to vote in local and national elections

  • Find your local neighborhood association and go to a meeting or event

  • Go on walks, take bike and/or car rides throughout your neighborhood to get familiar with it

  • Visit the local park with your children and/or your dog, you might meet someone new

  • Follow Willow Bend Title on social media for local business spotlights and bookmark our Local Business Recommendation Map & Event page for updates so you can enjoy all of what the state of Texas has to offer

At Willow Bend Title, our staff and real estate partners love building long term relationships with our clients and a majority of us have lived in Texas our entire lives. This means you are never alone once you have signed on the dotted line. If you have any questions once you have relocated to Texas, please contact us directly and we will be happy to lead you in the right direction.


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