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Choosing The Right Title Company

Updated: May 25, 2023

While finding a trustworthy and knowledgeable mortgage lender or real estate agent seems easy to come by, the title company you choose for closing is just as important to assure everything goes smoothly at the finish line. So how does one choose a title company?

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Based off the feedback we receive from our clients, these items were on the top on their list:


You want your closing to go as quickly as possible. That is why it's important to choose a title company that can provide you with more than one service.

For instance, at Willow Bend Title our clients love that we offer closing services, escrow, notaries, education, partnerships with lenders, double closings for investors and more.. and it's all under one roof! Being realtor founded you can rest assured that if we don't offer it, we know someone who can!


If you want your closing to run smoothly you want to work with experts who know what they are doing and are educated and up to date on the entire real estate process.

At Willow Bend Title we have over 30 + years of real estate industry experience and are proud members of ALTA and TLTA. Over these years we have built an excellent reputation and partner with local and highly recommended mortgage lenders, realtors, financial coaches, builders, loan officers, home improvement companies, investors and commercial directors. Again if we can't offer it, we know someone highly qualified who can! When we are not closing on homes we also enjoy providing educational opportunities for realtors, homeowners and entrepreneurs and offer helpful resources via our website and social media accounts.


Communication during the closing process is key! It is important that you work with someone who keeps you updated regularly and can speak your language.

That is why at Willow Bend Title it is important to us to have bi-lingual staff on our team so our clients can count on us to communicate and facilitate during the entire process.


When dealing with down payments, escrow and large monetary transactions it is crucial that the title company you work with is equipped to handle everything and safely.

At Willow Bend Title, we work with Qualia and Earnnest. These reliable and secure platforms allow us to assure real time updates to our clients, document storage, e-signing documents, scheduling and earnest payments in less than 10 minutes-any time, anywhere.


What works for one closing may not work for another. That is why the title company you choose needs to provide options for different case scenarios for your closing.

Willow Bend Title offers various options to choose from depending on your situation. These include coming to our office in McKinney Texas, sending a mobile agent to your location or a doing a RON digital closing via a video call.


Buying or selling a home can feel like a scary but exciting experience. Checking all of the above off your list is important for a successful closing but so is working with a title company who truly cares about their clients and makes the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Our team at Willow Bend Title not only keeps our clients informed, provides them with everything they need but also enjoys being a part of their milestone moments. We aim to set your mind at ease and keep a smile on your face during the entire process and not just on closing day.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home or refinancing an existing one, the title company you choose to manage the escrow, closing, and title insurance process of your home matters. Do the due diligence and research you need to make a sound decision on who is a good fit. Our team welcomes your questions and is happy to assist in any way we can. Contact Willow Bend Title Company today!


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