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Considering Home Warranty Options

Updated: Mar 22

Not to be confused with home owners or title insurance, a home warranty is an annual service contract a homebuyer pays to protect themselves from the costs of major repairs or replacing appliances due to normal, routine wear and tear. So does a homebuyer really need one?

When it comes down to it, deciding on a home warranty is really up to the homebuyer to decide. When purchasing an older home where things are more likely to break and lead to pricey expenses it is almost a give in to consider the benefits of what a home warranty can bring. If you don't want the headache of dealing with these repairs yourself it can also be beneficial to consider your home warranty options.

Keep in mind that home warranty coverage varies, as each company offers different plans to their customers. A majority of home warranty companies will cover plumbing, electrical, heating systems, as well as refrigerators, dishwashers, and even microwaves. Some charge additional coverage for certain appliances like washing machines and dryers. The more you want covered (such as adding a swimming pool pump or a garage door system) the more you’ll pay in your monthly or annual bill to the home warranty company.

Some Sellers will include a home warranty with the sale of their home. So be sure to check with your realtor and title company to see if it is included in your contract and what coverages are all included. If it does not or you decide to purchase your own home warranty, be sure to do your due diligence before signing any service contracts. Make a list of companies that match your requirements, and research their plans, pricing, and services. You can also read reviews and ratings online or ask for recommendations.

At Willow Bend Title we are always helping to lead realtors, sellers and homebuyers in the right direction for home buying success. That is why we have put together our downloadable Home Warranty Options Guide as well as the following brochures from local Texas home warranty companies that you can use to start researching your options right away.

Home Warranty Options
Download PDF • 373KB

One Guard brochure:
One Guard
Download PDF • 1.72MB

Old Republic brochure:
Old Republic
Download PDF • 954KB

Acclaimed Home Warranty brochure:
Acclaimed Home Warranty
Download PDF • 1.43MB

First American brochure:
First American
Download PDF • 1.59MB

American Home Shield brochure:
American Home Shield
Download PDF • 140KB

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