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Why Use A Realtor?

Updated: May 25, 2023

With so many resources online you might be considering going on the real estate journey solo. However, keep in mind that buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life and having a realtor or real estate agent professional by your side has major advantages you may not have considered.

realtor opening house door for homebuyers

When it comes to costs, market knowledge, and negotiation strategy, the benefits of working with a realtor or real estate agent almost always outweighs going it alone. Real estate agents work at their own risk and it's in their best interest to work quickly, diligently, and resourcefully to help you reach your real estate goals. Here are just a few reasons sellers and buyers benefit from working with professionals.


1.) Getting Top Dollar For Your Home

Many sellers believe going the “for sale by owner” route can save money, since they don’t have to roll agent commissions into their closing costs. This sounds great, but what if you could've attained a higher price when selling your home? A listing agent is an expert in the local market with current and accurate sales data and the knowledge of what local buyers are looking for. This means you will be able to list your home for what it is actually worth and sell it a lot quicker. Not to mention, the realtor doesn't see a dime of commission for all their upfront work until the deal closes.

2.) Vetting Potential Buyers

A listing agent can require interested parties to get pre-qualified or even pre-approved before viewing your home. This reduces the number of "we're just looking"showings that can waste your time and put a burden on your daily schedule. You don’t want to waste time on a showing with people who aren’t financially qualified to buy your home.This is especially important for sellers who are still living in the home.

3.) Marketing Your Home

Let's face it, that "For Sale" sign posted in the front of your yard looks great, but without more exposure the only people seeing it are your neighbors and the folks who drive by. Realtors not only have an arsenal of homebuyers looking for homes they also know how to market properties successfully through the MLS, within their office, on broker tours, open houses, social media and more. They are intimately involved in the market daily, in constant contact with other agents, and they can leverage that to get the word out.


2.) Finding Your Dream Home

Driving around the neighborhood or scrolling homes online is fun and all, but realtors have much deeper access to MLS to help narrow things down to what you actually want and within your price range. They are in constant contact and networking with other local agents who are selling homes. This includes home you may not have known are on the market and even homes that haven't been listed yet.. giving you first dibs! Buyer’s agents also do all of this hard work and are paid from the proceeds of the sale which means there are no out-of-pocket cost to the buyer.

1.) Working With All Parties

The loan officer, title company, appraiser, property inspector all have important roles and jobs to do during a real estate transaction. The average homebuyer isn’t up to par on all the fine details, legal ins and outs, deadlines and closing dates that must be tracked very closely in order to have a smooth closing. Realtors also know from experience who to use and refer you to because they work with partners like Willow Bend Title whom they can trust and depend on to get the job done quickly and efficiently for them and their clients. Most importantly, this means there is less chance that your deal will fall through.

3.) Negotiating

Any time you buy a home, you’re going to encounter negotiations and real estate agents can negotiate more than just price. They know all the terminology and can help negotiate valid issues that can rise during closing such as repairs, closing costs, timelines, rent-backs, inspection issues, and more. Bound by a code of ethics, realtors must disclose things to a potential buyer but most importantly help you resolve them. They are even required to carry insurance in case something goes wrong.

At Willow Bend Title we may be a bit bias because our company is realtor founded but if you are a buyer or seller trying to do real estate on your own we want you to be informed that it can result in money lost or costly litigation during or after the closing. Realtors and real estate agents have the expertise to help you prepare, avoid delays and costly mistakes making your real estate journey a much more enjoyable experience. Not sure what realtor to use? No worries. With 30 + years or real estate experience in the books our team is happy to help lead you in the right direction to one of our preferred agents. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


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