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Farm & Ranch Friendly Title

Updated: Feb 7

According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Texas is one of the top five biggest agricultural producing states in the country. That being said there is a good chance you have handled, dabbled or are interested in buying and selling farm and ranch properties. However, did you know that having a title company that is highly versed in rural transactions is just as important as finding the right realtor for agricultural real estate? Why is this you ask? Isn't it just another property? The answer is simple... not all properties are the same and neither are all title companies.

farmer stands with cow on Texas ranch

With Texas having the most sheep and cows of any state in the country, you can understand why farm and ranch transactions typically involve more than just the transfer of land and building(s), so it is important to do your due diligence and find a title company who is highly versed in rural transactions.

For example, at Willow Bend Title...

  • we service all of Texas allowing you a seamless closing in a wide range of rural property areas across our great state

  • we have Team Members who are highly versed with the benefits of investing in farm and ranch real estate such as tax exemptions, capital gains, development freedom, affordable rates, etc.

  • we have the experience and knowledge on how to process the transfer of equipment, property leases, livestock, minerals and water rights

  • we have existing partner relationships that give us first hand experience into the world of farmers and ranchers

  • we have become the exclusive title company choice that many rely on for their farm and ranch transaction needs

  • we thrive on the success of farmers and ranchers and understand the benefits they bring to our Texas communities

To sum things up, whether you are buying or selling 100 or 10,000 acres of rural property in Texas, it is crucial that you choose a title company that understands your needs and brings value to the closing table so you can start to enjoy living off the land and growing wealth from your investment(s).

New to farm and ranch real estate? Been riding in the real estate rodeo for years but are tired of slow and inefficient "all hat, no cattle"title companies? Then contact us and see first hand why more farmers and ranchers are choosing Willow Bend Title as their preferred title company.


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