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Preparing For Closing Day

Updated: May 25, 2023

Closing on a house is the most rewarding part of the home buying experience. At Willow Bend Title we are thrilled to be a part of these milestone moments for our clients and do everything in our power to make the process go smoothly. That is why our Escrow Team has compiled these tips you can use that will help all parties prepare for the big day!

realtor handing keys to homebuyer

What are the best days to have your closing?

The best days to have your closing are Tuesday - Thursday. The reason being, as the banks and title company only work Monday - Friday, this is a two day buffer to ensure a smooth closing. For example, if you have a late closing Friday, this means that the funds will not be received in anyone's bank until Monday morning when the banks are working. Another example is if you close on a Monday, and there are any changes you wish to include in your loan or closing, there is little time to make large arrangements.

What are the best times of the day to have your closing?

Due to the intricate workings between the lander and title company, the best time to do the closing is before 1pm. This gives both agents time to work out the final details of the closing and all funds can be disbursed the same day.

Day Before Closing Tips
  • Buyers and Sellers: make sure your ID is in your wallets before leaving the house.

  • Buyers: send your Cash to Close to your title company to ensure funding as soon as possible on your day of closing. When sending your wiring instructions there is a direct way to pay right after the title company has permission to disperse. This is your bank's direct deposit routing (not ACH) and your account number.

  • Sellers: anything that is still pending you can drop off at the tile company, this can include keys, repair receipts, HOA cards, codes, etc.

  • Buyers, Agents & Sellers: be ready to strike a pose! This is a huge investment you are making and will want to take photos to document this milestone achievement. Often times closing photos will be shared online so come looking sharp and ready to smile!

Day of Closing Tips
  • Buyers, have your signature practiced!

  • Please be sure to block about an hour for completing your closing.

Still have questions on what you need and what to expect on closing day? Contact Willow Bend Title to learn more. Our Team is here to help and can't wait to meet you at our closing table!


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