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Investor Friendly Title

Updated: Feb 7

So you're an investor and you're ready to flip your next home but the title company is wary of simultaneous closings, issues are starting to arise and you're afraid of losing out on both time and money. So why does this keep happening? Simply put... not all title companies are the same!

investor looking over plans for a house with pencil and keys

As an Investor, it is important that you do your due diligence to find a title company who is versed in the type of transaction that investors bring to the closing table.

For example, at Willow Bend Title...

  • we partner with a hard money lender so we are extremely investor friendly

  • we have Team Members who are highly versed and comfortable in double closings

  • we have closed hard money transactions in as little as 2-3 business days

  • we have transactional funding resources available

  • we are extremely comfortable and well versed with assignments

  • we thrive on the success of investors and want to see them reach their investing goals

Keep in mind that closings are not the only important service that the right title company provides for investors. You may be tempted to skip title altogether but having things like an unexpected tax lien pop up later down the line may leave you with regret. The right title company will ensure that you receive a clean deed of ownership and that all other claims of ownership from the past are removed. They will also require insurance that protects both the owner and lender from legal disputes that may arise.

To sum things up, it is crucial that you choose a title company that truly understands the investing process in order to be successful as a real estate investor. If you are still unsure on what title company to use, our team at Willow Bend Title would love to discuss our background with you. Let us ease your mind so you can close quickly and concentrate on what you do best...flipping your next house!


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