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Builder Friendly Title

Updated: Feb 7

So you're a builder and you've finished your latest development project and can't wait to hand it over to its new owners... However, the fear of issues that may arise with new construction properties now haunts your thoughts before every closing. You're ready to get on to your next project and now time is of the essence. So why do these headaches and roadblocks keep disrupting your business plans? The answer is simple... not all title companies are the same and here is some insight as to what builders should be looking for before deciding to partner up with one.

builder looking over plans with homebuyers

As a builder, it is important to do your due diligence and find a title company who is highly versed in new construction transactions.

For example, at Willow Bend Title...

  • we can provide easy and convenient remote online closings to e-sign your documents, saving you time to focus on selling and building new homes

  • we have Team Members who are highly versed with working directly with builders

  • we have a wide network of buyers and realtors

  • we have existing builder partner relationships that give us experience with new construction transactions and forms

  • we have become the exclusive title company choice that many local builders rely on

  • we thrive on the success of builders and want to see them flourish in our Texas communities

Keep in mind that closings are not the only important service that the right title company provides. It may seem like there is no need for title insurance since there is no tie to a pre-existing structure. However, what many don't know, the lot itself has its own history prior to construction. The land may have changed hands multiple times, so it has the potential for ownership issues. A title search is important for finding liens and determining the status of the property’s title. The right title company will ensure that your buyer receives a clean deed of ownership and that all other claims of ownership from the past are removed.

To sum things up, it is very crucial that as a builder you choose a title company that understands your business needs so they can get back to doing what you do best... developing and building projects that enhance our beautiful Texas communities.

More and more builders are choosing Willow Bend Title as their preferred title company because our team understands the various implications involved when it comes to new construction transactions. Want to learn more? Contact us so you can experience the difference that a title company highly versed in new construction can make. Not only for your mental state of mind but the reputation and continued growth of your business.


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