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Why Architects Become Realtors

When it comes to buying real estate a majority of buyers will never speak to the actual architect of the property but they will be speaking to the realtor who is selling it. What if the buyer had the advantage of speaking to both? Here are a few great reasons that architects should consider getting their real estate license to help expand their income potential.

two architects in safety vests and hats looking over building plans

Eye For Property Details

Becoming a real estate agent who already has an architectural background means you already have a deep understanding of home styles and property features. This can be beneficial for accurately listing these strong selling points on the MLS and pointing out unique design elements to perspective buyers during property tours.

New Build Perspective

Becoming a realtor that already has an architectural background means you can provide an in-depth perspective on the new construction process as well as be an asset to coordinating contractors and subcontractors that you are already familiar with and trust.

Fixer Upper Potential

If a buyer needs to decide if they should move forward with a property that needs some TLC, you can help show them both the potential and the risks a property can bring. You can advise on the costs to fix problems, do upgrades, increase property value, and even utilize your expertise and knowledge in the negotiation process.

If you are an architect who is looking to expand your business and your bank account, then getting your real estate license may just be the next career milestone you should consider. Being a realtor founded and entrepreneur owned title company, our team encourages and supports others who are trying to expand their careers and especially if it helps others achieve the American dream of homeownership. If you are ready to take the next step, read our compiled list of tips to help you pass your real estate exam and sign up for our future educational opportunities that can help kick start your career as a real estate agent.


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