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Tips To Pass Your Real Estate Exam

Updated: May 25, 2023

Are you ready to take the leap into real estate? If you answered "yes," congrats on taking the first step! Feeling a bit stressed and anxious at the thought of taking your real estate exam? Did you also answer "yes?" We understand! At Willow Bend Title we are always doing what we can to bring peace of mind to our clients. Which is why we have compiled some tips to help you ace your real estate license exam with flying colors.

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Take Note

They say the act of writing things down can help you retain information. So get writing and get retaining! Focus your pre-license course work notes on topics you are unsure of, have trouble remembering, vocabulary terms and key concepts. Study on the go! Create flashcards from your notes with the questions on the front and the answers on the back so you or someone you know can quiz you. More of the tech-y type? Download and utilize a flashcard app on your mobile device.


If you know others who are also taking the exam or have already passed the exam connect with them. Studying with someone that is working towards the same goals or who has already achieved them may help to set your mind at ease and allow you to pick each other's brains for things the other may not have thought to prepare for. But remember study group is not social hour. Stay focused on the end goal. Take in as much knowledge as you can all while up'ing your future real estate network at the same time.

Practice Exams

They say practice makes perfect right? So use a trusted service that allows you to take practice exams online to prepare you for the actual real estate exam. With the test being multiple choice, you will perform better if you do practice tests that mimic the real exam. Practice exams also help you pin point the areas you need to re-focus and study more on before you take the actual exam.


We all know the material is the most critical part of the exam but make sure you prepare yourself for test-taking as well. You may not have taken a test in a long time and keeping these strategies in mind may help you re-familiarize yourself to make the process feel less overwhelming.

  • Get a good nights sleep the night before your exam so you can stay focused

  • Arrive early so you can get a spot that makes you feel the most comfortable

  • Don't rush yourself! Take your time to read the questions in full. A simple word missed can completely change a question and how you answer it.

  • Use the process of elimination to work backwards to find your answer.

  • Don't know the answer? Go back to it. Don't focus too much on a single question.

  • Remember to breathe! Close your eyes and take a deep breath if you start to feel overwhelmed. This will help you to be able to concentrate once your body has a minute to calm down.

  • Don't worry if other examinees finish before you do. Mainly who finish too quickly tend to appear confident but often times they fail.

At Willow Bend Title, our wide range of real estate experience allows us to be able to share our knowledge and be a resource to others in the industry. We know you are going to ace your real estate exam so be sure to bookmark our website and check out our future educational opportunities, resource guides, social posts and blogs that can help you to continue to grow and succeed in the industry. Most importantly, contact us! We can't wait to help assist you with your first closing!


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