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WBT Spotlights Angela Williams - Super Team Services

At Willow Bend Title we strive to support local businesses that help people achieve the "American Dream" of home ownership. We spotlight and interview representatives of these businesses to help our clients and partners become aware of the services they can provide for them.

Angela Williams Owner Super Team Services

As a realtor founded title company, we consistently emphasize to our clients the significance of considering a home inspection before purchasing and closing on a home. So in this edition of our WBT Spotlight, we sat down with the "Queen Bee" herself aka Owner, Angela Williams of Super Team Services. Angela took the time to shed light on how they became such highly recommended home inspectors, as well as a deep dive into the array of other "super" home services her team provides for both Texas real estate professionals and homeowners.

Q: Tell us a little bit of the backstory of how and why you started Super Team Services?

"It all started in 1998, when Blake was managing a country club in Monroe, Louisiana and it was a very stressful career. We were far from our family who lived in the Dallas area and Oklahoma. His Dad had started a home inspection company and he offered Blake the opportunity to come add a pest control division to Williams Inspection Services. So, while Blake spent every weekend apprenticing and getting licensed in Texas, I was packing us up and preparing the family to move.

Fast forward to 2008, Blake branched out on his own and started over as a sole proprietor. At that time I was a district coordinator with Aflac. We knew that if we could just combine our super powers we could go farther faster so I joined him in 2013. We divided up to utilize our strengths. Blake did the inspections and I ran the office and did the business development. We hired our first inspector in 2014 and just kept growing from there."

Q: Tell us more about the valuable services you provide that positively impact realtors and homebuyers?

Super Team Services On The Job

"It usually starts at the home inspection. We do residential and commercial property inspections of all sizes. We absolutely love doing luxury and farm/ranch properties, and I think we have a soft spot for first time homebuyers. It can be daunting to buy a home and we love walking through this journey with them.

After the home inspection, our Concierge and Utility Division helps with anything for moving in. We can connect utilities, home security and find reputable vendors like movers and plumbers. Our Pest Control Division and HVAC team is there to keep homeowners comfortable and pest free.

Lastly, Super Inspector Training Academy (soon to be rebranded as Atrain Academy) is a school to get your home inspector license and continued training."

Q: What do you think really sets you apart from other companies in your field?

"One of the key differentiators for Super Team Services is always putting ourselves in the customer's shoes. Unlike some competitors who may overlook customer satisfaction, Super Team Services prioritizes effectively resolving complaints and fostering lasting relationships. Our commitment to quality service and integrity sets us apart. We are also very entrepreneurial in spirit and empower our team to build their own business within our framework."

Super Team Services On The Job

Q: Can you share examples of notable projects or challenges your business has successfully tackled?

"A year and a half ago we acquired two different home inspection companies on each coast! One in Vegas and the other in Southern Maryland. Although they are far apart in distance, they are a natural fit in our Super culture and it is exciting watching them grow. "

Q: Do you have a memorable or interesting story involving an inspection or pest control job that would be fun and entertaining to share with our readers?

"There are so many! However, one that stands out! One of our inspectors was performing an inspection and all of a sudden there was a naked lady at the door and she was shouting “call the police, my boyfriend is after me!” Well, he quickly called the police and while he went on with his job, (because the show must go on in real estate) saw that the police had arrives and was handling the situation. The bad part is when it was time for him to leave, the boyfriend was waiting on our inspector and was mad that he had called the cops. Since he had his tool belt on, he felt armed enough to defend himself but luckily it didn’t come to that and he was able to get packed up and out of there unharmed!"

Q: We see your title is “Queen Bee” at Super Team Services, what inspires you as a female business owner? Any advice for other females starting out? Any challenges you have faced and overcome?

"We all have that negativity that creeps in and I have to remind myself not to listen to that voice that says you don’t know how to do this job or who are you to lead 100 people today? I found myself looking around our boardroom last year and out of 10 of our top leaders, I realized 7 were women. I realized in that moment that we probably all doubt ourselves and I wanted them to know that I trust them to lead this company. So we formed the Queen Bee society!

Super Team Services On The Job

We all have a Bee necklace and have quarterly get-togethers. The Queen Bee is a significant symbol of someone who can run the hive, take care of her team and be the leader of the pack. She doesn’t listen to the naysayers and rules with justice as well as compassion."

Q: When you are not providing super services, what other types of things do you and/or your company like to participate in that helps support our Texas communities?

"I am the Denton county chapter president of Women for Winesense. It is a non profit organization that is devoted to helping women in the wine industry. There are members of our board from the Super team who help and volunteer their time to help put on educational events in Denton County."

Q: Do you have any exciting projects or company news you would like to share?

"We are rolling out our new website that will house all services of inspections, HVAC, handyman and pest control!

In addition, it’s almost termite and mosquito season. If you sign up for our annual quarterly pest service you get the first quarter on us!

Our best value in HVAC is our $59 tuneup!! This is per system but it is always a good time to have us take a look under the hood and make sure it is running smooth before it heats up out there!"

Super Team Services Team

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