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WBT Spotlights Diana Lee - Old Town Surveying, LLC.

At Willow Bend Title we strive to support local businesses that help people achieve the "American Dream" of home ownership. We spotlight and interview representatives of these businesses to help our clients and partners become aware of the services they can provide for them.

Diana Lee Old Town Surveying LLC Headshot

As a title company, we consistently emphasize to our clients the significance of obtaining a land survey. So in this edition of our WBT Spotlight, we chose to explore the surveying field more thoroughly. We engaged in an insightful conversation with Diana Lee, the Founder and Owner of Old Town Surveying, LLC, where she shared her expertise into the world of surveying, while giving us an insightful look into why so many Texans trust and rely on her team to precisely define property boundaries.

Q: Tell us a little bit of the backstory of how and why you started Old Town Surveying, LLC.?

"I previously worked for a land surveying company for twenty-seven years, up until the owner retired and sold the company. Several employees, including myself, wanted to continue working for a small business with a family atmosphere. In July 2020, I started Old Town Surveying with one field crew, one draftsman, and an R.P.L.S. (Registered Professional Land Surveyor). Our combined 134 years of experience and expertise, coupled with exceptional customer service, led us to triple in size by 2022."

Q: Tell us more about the valuable services you provide that positively impact realtors and homebuyers?

Old Town Surveying LLC Office Staff on Computer

"We pride ourselves in offering great customer service. We do our best to deliver an accurate and easy-to-read survey on time. Old Town’s customer service team will take time to answer any survey question from the title company, realtor, or homebuyer."

Q: What do you think sets you apart from other surveying companies?

"Communication. We strive to make sure our customers know the status of their orders and how long it will take to complete. Most of the employees at Old Town have worked together for 16 to 30 years. We work well together as a team – we communicate and help one another to complete the job at hand."

Q: Can you share examples of notable projects or challenges your business has successfully tackled?

Old Town Surveying LLC Office Staff Looking at Plans

"Starting a small business from scratch has been an interesting challenge. In the beginning, we all pitched in our creativity, time, and even furniture to make the office functional. I'm not above admitting that TV trays were used as additional surfaces in the early days! We are proud of all we have accomplished as a team in just a few years."

Q: Do you have a memorable or interesting story involving a surveying job that would be fun to share with our readers?

"As with any job, surveying comes with its own occupational hazards. Our field crews are always cautious when they venture out, especially into wooded areas. Last summer, one of my employees found himself face to face with a copperhead snake that was hanging in a tree above his head. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but you never know where you'll find a snake!"

Q: What inspires you as a female business owner? Any advice for others starting out? Any challenges you have faced and overcome?

Old Town Surveying LLC Office Staff Printing Plans

"My staff inspires me. Their dedication and hard work drive me to improve our business and keep up with the many changes that have taken place over the last few years. Land surveying is a male-dominated industry and at times, it’s challenging to be taken seriously. The support, friendship, and encouragement from my staff make it all worth the effort. I also find inspiration from the many friends and acquaintances I have made over the years at title companies. There are numerous strong, intelligent, successful women in the title industry, and I deeply appreciate their support of me and my business."

Q: When you are not busy with surveying jobs, what other types of things do you and/or your company like to participate in that helps support our Texas communities?

"One of my favorite charities to support is Texas 4000. This one holds a special place in my heart as one of my daughters once personally participated in a bike ride from Austin to Alaska earning money for cancer research. We also enjoy donating our services to Habitat for Humanity. Over the last couple of years, I'm proud to say that we have been able to assist them with several surveys at no cost."

Q: Do you have any exciting news or projects coming up that you would like to share?

Old Town Surveying LLC Surveyor Equipment in Field

"Our standard service area currently includes Denton, Dallas, Collin, Tarrant, and Rockwall counties. We expect to expand our service area to include more counties as the DFW area continues to grow and develop outward. Plans are in the works, so stay tuned!"

Connect with Diana Lee and Old Town Surveying, LLC.:

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