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WBT Spotlights Clay McClintock - Arch Foundation Repair

Updated: Feb 7

At Willow Bend Title we strive to support local businesses that help people achieve the "American Dream" of home ownership. We spotlight and interview representatives of these businesses to help our clients and partners become aware of the services they can provide for them.

Clay McClintock Arch Foundation Repair Headshot

As Texans ourselves, we know first hand that long stretches of excessive summer heat (especially with no rain) can cause significant damage to your home. This includes effecting the most important and load-bearing portion of the structure...your foundation! So for this WBT Spotlight, we sat down with Clay McClintock, the Manager at Arch Foundation Repair. A foundation repair company that opened their doors in Dallas specifically to cater to the real estate industry.

Q: Tell us the backstory of Arch Foundation Repair and how you became their expert, go-to Manager?

Arch Foundation Repair Dallas Texas at work

"Fred Marshall began Advanced Foundation in the mid 90s in order to provide high-quality and reliable foundation repair services to homeowners. Arch Foundation was later created in 1999 to support the real estate industry.

I joined Arch in January 2000 and began marketing to top realtors in the DFW market. Earlier in my life my family owned a small home building business in east Texas that gave me insight into general construction and foundation design."

Q: What types of foundation issues do you specialize in and how can your services benefit both realtors and homeowners?

"We specialize in slab, pier, and beam structures. Our companies are committed to always providing comprehensive inspections and work completion. We feel we go far beyond industry standards to provide the right repair plan and work completion."

Q: What type of foundation repair methods or techniques do you typically use, and why do you recommend them specifically for Texas homeowners?
Arch Foundation Repair Dallas Texas

"There are three basic types of support systems used in this market. Concrete poured piers, concrete pressed pilings and steel pilings. There is a need for each system depending on the particular project and soil types.

By choosing the best product for each job, we can provide the optimal warranty for a long term solution. Our repairs come with our lifetime transferable foundation repair warranty backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust. We recommend addressing foundation issues promptly. Delaying repairs could result in additional damage and increase in repair costs."

Q: What keeps you inspired in your field? Any advice for others starting out?

Clay McClintock Arch Foundation Repair

"Always be persistent and honest. Educate yourself on any construction and engineering principles that apply to this industry. "

Q: When you are not busy repairing foundations what other types of things do you like doing/supporting in our Texas communities?

"I enjoy volunteering for non-profit sport and grief support organizations, and continuing education with the Texas Foundation Repair Association. I also enjoy golfing, traveling and spending time with grandkids."

Connect with Clay McClintock and Arch Foundation Repair:

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