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Seller Prep for Home Photography

Updated: May 25, 2023

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression and that is most certainly true when it comes to real estate photography. With today being World Photography Day and so many real estate listings popping up on the market, we wanted to share some useful tips that you can use to help make sure your home stands out to potential buyers.

photographer taking photos of a house

To do so you will need to invest some time to get your home where it should be to allow the photographer to capture your home's full potential. Here are a few tips to consider.

General Tips:
  • Clean the house (vacuum, mop floors, dust etc.)

  • Replace burnt out light bulbs in all the rooms

  • Remove or replace personal photographs with general decor

  • Put away all clutter, magazines/paperwork, toys, laundry and shoes

  • Show off speciality flooring by removing any rugs that may be hiding it

  • Turn all ceiling fans, TVs and computer screens off

  • Remove all pet items

  • Hide garbage cans and recycling bins

Exterior Tips:
  • Mow the grass and attend to landscaping (trim bushes, remove weeds, etc.)

  • Remove planters that have dead foliage or replace with new plants/flowers

  • Clean the pool and put away all pool supplies

  • Park cars away from the home so they are not visible in photos

  • Remove trash cans, water hoses, ladders and tools

  • Remove toys, playground supplies and seasonal decor

  • Tidy up outdoor tables, chairs, fluff cushions

  • Replace burnt out lighting

Kitchen Tips:
  • Clear appliance surfaces of magnets, photos and paperwork

  • Clean and clear countertops, appliances, tables, sinks and backsplashes

  • Wash and put away all dish

  • Neatly hang clean matching towels

  • Straighten all chairs and remove baby seats/high chairs

Living Room Tips:
  • Fluff and arrange furniture pillows and cushions

  • Hide electrical cables and remotes

  • Arrange bookshelves so they look neat and tidy

  • Clean fireplace

  • Remove unnecessary furniture

Bedroom Tips:
  • Make all the beds in every bedroom

  • Use bedding that covers the bed/fits the mattress and is free of wrinkles

  • Fluff and arrange decorative pillows

  • Remove personal belongings

Bathroom Tips:
  • Clear countertops

  • Put toilet seats down

  • Remove toiletries

  • Neatly hang clean matching towels

  • Clean shower doors or hang a clean shower curtain

Don't forget that your real estate agent is there to help and wants the home to sell. Ask them to take a final look at your home before the appointment with your photographer. The more prepared you are the more the photographer can concentrate on what you hired them to do... which is to get impressive shots of your home.

If you are looking for more real estate tips, be sure to check out our Resource Guides and past blog posts. If you have questions or need a recommendation, Willow Bend Title has 20 + years of real estate experience and our team is always happy to assist and lead you in the right direction.


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