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What Is A Mobile Notary Closing?

Not to be confused with a digital eClosing, mobile notary closings are another convenient way title companies can bring their closing table and services to you. This allows you to be able to still use a reputable title company that you already trust and depend on, even if their office is not located close to where the property is being sold. So what is a mobile notary closing and how can it be beneficial to real estate industry professionals, sellers, and homebuyers?

Notary stamping legal documents

During a real estate closing, numerous documents need to be signed by the buyer, seller, and potentially other parties involved. Having a notary on staff at the title company is essential to witness and confirm the identity of the signatures and ensures that they are voluntarily and knowingly signing the documents. In the context of real estate, the notary's role is crucial in ensuring the legality and authenticity of the transaction.

A mobile notary closing involves a notary public who travels to a location that is convenient for the parties involved so they can complete the signing of the legal documents. This is particularly convenient when the parties involved are unable to be physically present at the title company's office. Instead, the notary travels to a location chosen by the parties, such as the buyer's or seller's home, a coffee shop, their workplace, or any other agreed-upon site. This flexibility can be especially beneficial when dealing with busy schedules, physical limitations, or other circumstances that prevent all parties from gathering at a single location.

For example, here is a testimonial from a homebuyer who used Willow Bend Title Company and benefited from using our mobile notary service option ...

"Fantastic title company, they closed my boyfriend's purchase at 6AM and even met him outside of his work before his shift started! Would give 1000 stars if I could!" - Jessica

Interested in learning more? Contact us with any questions you may have. Our team is located in our McKinney office, but offers both mobile notary closings and digital eClosings (RON) through out the entire state of Texas. This allows our clients to still experience the reliable, streamlined services they've grown to depend on from us, while adding the convenience of bringing our closing table to them whenever they should need us.


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