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What Is A Digital Closing?

Updated: May 25, 2023

With today being World Wide Web Day, we thought this would be a great opportunity for us to bring awareness of the effectiveness and rise of Digital Closings.

During the pandemic, closing on a home became quite difficult as homebuyers and mortgage lenders had to remain socially distant. This led to the increase of Digital Closings, also known as eClosings, increasing in popularity over the past several years. According to a survey ALTA conducted with major vendors working in Remote Online Notarization (RON), they saw an increase of 547% from just 2019 to 2020 alone.

virtual meeting with man on laptop screen

Digital Closings allow our staff at Willow Bend Title to assist in the closing of your home loan without having to be physically present to sign documents.

Through RON, you can connect with one of our notary publics online who can perform the notarial act from anywhere with a computer or tablet. The communication technology enables all participants to the notarial session to see, hear and speak to each other through use of the parties’ computer webcams and microphones.

Our notaries give their notary seal after collecting an electronic signature and proof of identity through various authentication methods such as photo ID, identification questions or other identity proofing. Our software uses encrypted communication methods to protect against hacking or intrusion.

At Willow Bend Title we offer our clients the ability to close from anywhere. Saving you time and resulting in stress-free, remote closing. Interested in learning more? Contact us with any questions you may have. Our Team is always happy to assist you.



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