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WBT Spotlights Laura Garza - Goosehead Insurance

Updated: Apr 26

At Willow Bend Title we strive to support local businesses that help people achieve the "American Dream" of home ownership. We spotlight and interview representatives of these businesses to help our clients and partners become aware of the services they can provide for them.

Laura Garza Headshot

Being a female owned business, we were excited to meet another female Texan who is taking care of business for homeowners and inspiring other women in our communities to do the same! So for this WBT Spotlight, we sat down with Laura Garza the Owner of Laura Garza Insurance Agency, a brokerage of Goosehead Insurance which is said to be one of the largest and fastest growing personal lines insurance agencies in the country. When Laura is not helping clients protect their homes with insurance coverage, she can be found hosting networking events for like minded women of real estate as the founder of Collin County Boss Babes.

Q: Can you tell us more about Goosehead Insurance and the valuable services you provide for homeowners?

Laura Garza Goosehead Insurance Office in Texas

"In my franchise with Goosehead Insurance, I am an insurance broker with 75 insurance companies.

My sole purpose is to shop the insurance market for all of our homebuyers to find them the best deal, best rate and best coverage for their home and auto insurance needs.

I primarily only work with realtors and lenders throughout the home buying process."

Q: In your opinion, what is the relationship between personal lines insurance and real estate? How can your insurance company aid realtors?

Laura Garza working at Goosehead Insurance in Texas

"As an insurance broker and partnering with realtors, I can simply ensure that their deals close. Sometimes insurance can make or break a deal with DTI. With 75 companies and 7 years experience and knowledge, I can almost always get the policy where we need it to be.

Once a realtor gets a home under contract, that is when they then refer the client over to me to start my process. I then get in touch with their lender with the insurance binder needed to close."

Q: What do you enjoy doing and supporting in our Texas communities?

Laura Garza and the Collin County Boss Babes donating to Operation Warm in Texas

"I enjoy connecting women in business. Women are so powerful and capable; I want that to be well known.

Collin County Boss Babes is my contribution to helping others in my community grow in business and their personal lives by providing a community of all ages and statuses as a pillar to lean on."

Q: What inspired you to start Collin County Boss Babes?
Collin County Boss Babes Group

I initially created Collin County Boss Babes as a way to generate referrals for my agency. I almost shut it down last Summer but saw how the group was growing and how much the group was helping me through a personal time in my life. Women need women supporting each other personally and professionally and that’s just what this group has become. Not just for business."

Q: What is it like being a woman in leadership?

"Honestly, it takes a lot of strength and time. My brain never shuts off and I find myself now trying to find more ways to improve others lives. It can be exhausting at times but it’s more rewarding when I hear how “so and so” is now working together or “so and so” sent a referral over or “so and so” are now best friends. I love that! Those kinds of things makes this all worth it! Also, because you NEVER know what a women is going through or how she slept the night before. Then she shows up to Collin County Boss Babes luncheon and it can change her whole entire day and month. Maybe even year!"

Q: What advice would you give to other professional women trying to grow their business/network?

"I would advise her to be and stay consistent with your hustle. It will be hard but I look at it as the more NO’s I receive, I’ll eventually receive a YES. It’s a numbers game. Rinse and repeat."

Q: We know you are all about “vibes”, what is your vibe for 2023?

"VIBESSSSS!!! All about it and I’m much more in tune with them this year. My vibe this year is to put out more positive vibes and not feeding my energy into negative vibes. If it’s a good vibe, I’m with it. If it’s not, I’m not paying it attention nor forcing anything."

Connect with Laura Garza:

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