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Filing For Tax Exemptions

Updated: Mar 25

One of the many perks of moving to Texas is that property taxes are locally assessed and locally administered with no state property tax. On top of this well-known money saving perk there are also other tax deductions, discounts and exemptions that are available in our Lone Star State and they can greatly help reduce the amount you actually have to pay each year for taxes. This is why it is important to do your research and make sure you file for your tax exemptions.

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For instance, if you purchase a property and it is your homestead, you can file your homestead exemption to have a reduction in your taxes. Assessed values of your property will automatically be sent to you after your closing. Make sure to review these carefully. If you feel you need to dispute the tax value, use your closing statement and contact the Central Appraisal District in the county in which you purchased the property.

Tax Exemption Types

  • Homestead (mentioned above)

  • Age 65 or Older or Disabled

  • Manufactured and Cooperative Housing

  • Uninhabitable or Unstable Residence

  • Temporary Exemption for Disaster Damage

How To File

It's free to file and you can easily obtain an application for an exemption from the County Central Appraisal District in which your primary residence is located (see below). To qualify you must include a copy of the applicant's Texas driver license or Texas identification certificate with the application. The address on the license or certificate must correspond to the address of the property for which an exemption is claimed on the application.

Where To File

If you real estate closing was done at Willow Bend Title and you have additional questions or need copies of your closing documents contact your Escrow Officer and they will be happy to assist you.

Additional Resources : Download our Tax Exemption Resource Guide


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