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Essential Homebuyer Documents To Safe-Guard After Closing

Following the completion of a home purchase, it is essential for homebuyers to carefully retain and organize specific documents for future reference. Safely storing these documents and records in a secure but accessible location ensures their easy retrieval when needed for legal, and financial purposes

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So here is our the list we compiled of the vital real estate documents and records that homebuyers should securely preserve following closing day.

Closing Disclosure

A document outlining the final loan terms and closing costs.

HUD-1 Settlement Statement

A detailed account of the closing transaction, including costs and fees.


The legal document transferring ownership of the property.

Title Insurance Policy

This paperwork is proof of protection against potential title defects or disputes.

Homeowners Insurance Policy

Provides coverage for property damage and liability.

Survey Report

A map or drawing showing property boundaries and structures.

Mortgage Documents

Loan agreement, promissory note, and related paperwork.

Home Warranty Documents

If applicable, details on any home system or appliance warranties.

Home Maintenance Records and System Manuals

Keep track of repairs and regular maintenance activities. File any manuals on how to maintain and operate heating, cooling, smart home systems, and appliances.

Receipts and Documentation for Closing Costs

Records of payments made for various closing costs.

Property Tax Records

Proof of property tax payments.

Utility Bills

Records of utility payments for water, gas, electricity, etc.

Home Inspection Report

Details findings from a professional inspection of the property.

Dispute Resolution or Arbitration Agreements

Any agreements related to dispute resolution.

Easements and Right-of-Way Agreements

Documents granting access or use of the property to others.

HOA Documents

If applicable, include CC&Rs, bylaws, and meeting minutes.

Any Correspondence with the Seller or Agent

Emails, letters, or other important communications related to the transaction.

Photographs or Videos of the Property

Visual documentation of the property's condition at the time of purchase.

As a new homeowner, maintaining a well-organized record of the above mentioned real estate transaction files and documents will spare you from headaches when required to present or reference them for future home-related transactions, taxes, potential legal matters, and more.

💡Tip: Download and utilize our Homebuyer Documents To Safe Guard After Closing Checklist to help you stay on track!

If you closed your real estate transaction with Willow Bend Title Company, and need copies of the records that we maintain, please be sure to contact your Escrow Officer for assistance. They will be happy to assist and provide you with anything you need.


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