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Donate to Denton Freedom House at Willow Bend Title

New Year, New Hope! Help us spread warmth to those in need by dropping by our Willow Bend Title Company office now through January 31st, and leaving a much needed donation item for Denton Freedom House.

Willow Bend Title Company Announces Temporary Donation Drop Off For Denton Freedom House

About Denton Freedom House:

Guiding individuals through addiction, homelessness, and life’s challenges, this non-profit stands as a beacon of hope. They provide comprehensive support, from the main campus to multi-phase homes, a food pantry, coffee shop, and their event center.

Needed Items List:

Denton Freedom House Wish List Donation Items

Additional items can also be found on this non-profit’s Amazon wish list.

Together, let's make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate and help our fellow Texans get back on their feet in 2024!


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