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Auction Friendly Title

Updated: Feb 7

Are you a realtor and your client has decided they want to sell their property by auction? Or maybe you're an investor and those foreclosure homes being sold at auction are looking pretty tempting for fix and flips. Then again, you may be reading this because you're an auctioneer with a great reputation and want the entire auction process to go as smoothly as possible even after the gavel hits. No matter what the perspective, it is a well known fact that auctions are a great way to purchase or sell a property quickly, but what does this mean when it comes to the closing process?

property auction sign outside of home

What may start off as an exciting and quick sales transaction could come to screeching hault if your title company is not equipped with the knowledge of how auction property sales work. Therefore, it is important to do your due diligence and find a title company to partner with who is highly versed in property auction transactions.

For example, at Willow Bend Title...

  • our team members are highly versed in preparing title work prior to receiving a contract and have experience working and corresponding with multiple bidders so good faith funds are coordinated prior to auction day

  • we have the ability to write multi-million dollar policies for luxury property auctions

  • we have management staff who are educated and certified in property auctions and have experienced the auction process of selling both residential and commercial properties first hand

  • we have existing partner relationships that keep us knowledgeable in the processes and trends of real estate property auctions

  • we have become the exclusive title company choice that auctioneers and their realtor and investor clients rely on for seamless transactions

  • we believe in the success of property auctions and understand the benefits they bring to buyers and sellers in the real estate market

Property auctions are very financially appealing and are worth exploring as a way to pick up or sell a property inexpensively and quickly. However, there are many obstacles to consider before jumping into the idea of utilizing a property auction for your real estate needs. This includes having a reputable title company by your side that understands the ins and outs of the auction process.

Do you have more questions about how title and the auction process works? Looking for a reliable and knowledgable title company to partner up with for your auction transactions? Contact Willow Bend Title and experience the difference that a title company highly versed in property auctions can make for you and your clients.


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