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10 Tips For Realtor Success With Lisa Bloskas

Updated: Jan 29

This week we celebrated National Women's Day and to keep the momentum going we sat down with our CEO Lisa Bloskas to pick her brain for some tips that are sure to help any new Realtor succeed in the industry.

Lisa Bloskas Headshot

Before founding Willow Bend Title, Lisa founded North Vine Realty, a brokerage with offices in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. She holds over twenty years of entrepreneurial experience that encompasses real estate, manufacturing, and finance. Lisa's many years of real estate experience, level of education and knowledge keep her on the cutting edge of real estate trends and technology.

Here is what Lisa had to say when we asked her to share her 10 Tips For Success in the real estate industry.

  1. Treat your real estate career like a full time job and you will be successful.

  2. Join a brokerage that will take the time to mentor you.

  3. Go to open houses and other industry events to network with experienced agents.

  4. Attend classes to learn from experts in the industry.

  5. Let all your friends and family know that you are a realtor. Be their real estate resource (including Tip #8) and let them know you would appreciate their referrals.

  6. Build your team of vendors (roofer, handyman, painter, plumber, electrician, etc.). Be a resource for your clients even after closing!

  7. Go to model homes and meet the builder reps.

  8. Post informative real estate articles and pictures on your social media pages.

  9. Get pictures showing you out and about as a realtor and share them on social media.

  10. Exert confidence! Look and act like the marvelous realtor that you are!

Looking for more helpful resources. Check out Willow Bend Title's free informative Guides as well as our past Blog posts. While you are here, don't forget to follow tip #4 and sign up for our future Masterclasses!


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