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Stop Losing Deals to Foundation Issues!

Foundation Repair 101 For Realtors

Open To All Realtors

This course offers realtors an in-depth understanding of foundation repair principles, equipping them with the knowledge to identify potential issues, understand the impact on property value, and navigate the repair process effectively. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, participants will learn to assess foundation damage, understand different repair techniques, and communicate effectively with specialists. This class aims to empower realtors with the confidence to advise their clients on foundation-related decisions, enhancing their expertise in the real estate market.

  • Seize Opportunities, Not Cracks: Spot and resolve foundation issues to safeguard your deals.

  • Boost Success, Save Deals: Master foundation repair to boost your reputation.

  • Be the Go-To Expert: Be the go-to expert for all foundation challenges.


Instructor | Clay McClintock

Clay's journey began with his family's home-building business in East Texas, laying the foundation for his expertise in construction and foundation design. Joining Arch in January 2000, he has since become the go-to expert for realtors in the DFW area, offering unparalleled foundation repair services.

Arch Foundation Repair?

Who is

Arch Foundation Repair offers a professional approach, providing personalized repair plans designed to meet the unique needs of each foundation. With a commitment to thoroughness and adherence to industry standards, Arch ensures that no shortcuts are taken in the restoration process. Utilizing the Pro-Lift System, a proven and durable solution, Arch delivers lasting results. Additionally, their lifetime transferable warranty, backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust, provides clients with peace of mind regarding the longevity and stability of their property.

Why does our Founder Choose

Arch Foundation Repair?

"For over 20 years, Clay McClintock has been my trusted advisor, especially during the option period. His honesty is unparalleled, providing clear answers without any upselling. His expertise not only saves deals but also brings peace of mind to anxious buyers/sellers, particularly when it comes to foundation concerns."

- Willow Bend Title Founder, Lisa Bloskas



About The Class

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

11:30am - 12:30pm

Willow Bend Title Company

2001 Auburn Hills Pkwy #303

McKinney, TX 75071


FREE - Exclusive Event

Only 20 spots available!


*Space is limited, therefore each attendee must register themselves to reserve their seat for this event. If you know of other realtors who are interested in attending, please advise them that they must register themselves to be included in our headcount.

Once you submit your registration you will be re-directed to our Contact & Locate page that includes a map and directions that you can utilize to help you locate our building on the day of the event.

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